Lay Leadership

Covenant Presbyterian Church is led by a group of members who volunteer to lead the congregation through commissions for a term of three years.  If you are interested in serving on one of these commissions, contact the church or the elders.  You will find an energetic welcome!

Ruling Elders make up the Session of the church and are responsible for the following commissions:

Community Life & Membership, Michael Burkett & Jenna Cooledge - This commission is responsible for the fellowship of the church…the party planners! They also help new friends assimilate into the life of CPC.

Life Long Learning, Liz Groelle - Responsible for the education of our children, youth and adults through programs like Adult Bible Study, Quest for Knowledge Book Group and  weekly Sunday School.

Mission & Outreach, Kathryn Tiberend - Local, national and global mission is studied by this commission, and opportunities for service are initiated and supported by this group!

Property & Building Use, Steven W. Miller  - This commission is responsible for maintaining the 5 acres of land and the buildings.

Special Projects, Bev Penry - This special group is working on the new landscape plan for the church

Stewardship & Finance, Barb Pahre and Calvin Groeneweg - Responsible for the annual stewardship drive, for helping us discover ways to ensure our financial legacys in life will continue to have an effect on God’s world.  They also are responsible for oversite of the finances of the church.

Worship, Bill Lockhart - This commission assists the pastor in the creation of engaging worship experiences, with a special focus on High Holy Days and Seasons like Advent, Christmas and Lent, Easter and Pentecost.


The Board of Deacons - The Deacons are the caregiving group of the church and serve a three year term, with a special focus on CPC Care Groups in the church and outreach to homebound friends.

Class of 2018

Russ Kindig

Sandy Pearson

Doreen Wilkinson

Class of 2019

Kim Douma

Del Hall


Class of 2020

Kim Groeneweg (moderator)

Mae Groeneweg

Judy Sargent

Each of these leaders “pray for and seek to serve the people of Covenant Presbyterian Church with energy, intelligence, imagination and love”.  Join them in ministry and outreach!