Labyrinth Walks

We invite you to join us in walking our Labyrinth

In October 2007, Covenant dedicated its outdoor Labyrinth, which sits in the midst of the vineyards and mountains surrounding the Napa Valley.  The Labyrinth is open to the public for prayer and meditation, and we invite you to drop by for a spirit led walk, surrounded by God’s good and beautiful creation. You will see a kiosk beside the labyrinth with brochures to help instruct you along the way.

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient prayer practice. The labyrinth itself is a winding path that reminds us of our spiritual journey - a journey inward, and then a journey outward. The Covenant Labyrinth offers the opportunity to walk this path in the presence of mountain and vineyard.

Walking the labyrinth is a form of “embodied prayer” – praying with our whole being: mind, spirit and body.  There are many ways to walk a labyrinth in prayer and meditation.  It can be used as a metaphor for journey, healing, and restoration.


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