As we look beyond this valley and the hills of the Napa Valley, we envision ourselves as part of God’s global village that invites us to partnership and into community.

Over the years, we have supported organizations including, Heifer Project, SERRV, and Bread for the World.

In the past few years we have added to that list - ROW (Rivers of the World).  Through Row we support the Congo-Kasai Sewing School in the Congo that trains women for nine months in sewing, finances, evangelism, geography and french, in the Kasai province. Two members of our church have traveled to the Congo as part of a mission experience and we hope for a group from our community to join in a future trip.  For more information and pictures of this project, please click this link, Congo-Kasai Sewing School.


For more information on any of these organizations, check our “Links” page under “Resources”.