What time does worship start?  10:30 am Sundays.

How long does worship last?  A typical Sunday morning is 60-70 minutes long w/singing, prayers & liturgy, reading from the Bible, a sermon, a choral anthem and sharing God’s peace with one another.

What is the Worshiping Style of CPC?  We engage in what is known as “Blended Worship” seeking to use both traditional music with more contemporary music as well as using language that is inclusive and accessible to a broad segment of generations.  The Arts is an important part of our worship experience as well.  Our sanctuary is full of windows, inviting us to look beyond the walls of the sanctuary even as we worship within them…

What should I wear to worship?  Being comfortable is key for us - your dress is a fun reflection of you, so come as you are comfortable!

Are children welcome at CPC?  Children are certainly welcome at CPC!  Kids begin the worship hour with us and then head off to Sunday School after a “Time with Young Worshipers”.  We have clipboards w/activity sheets and journels to pick up as kids/youth come into worship.

What about infants and toddlers who are antsy?  We welcome little ones as they are – their voices are seen as warm additions to the worship experience, but if parents become uncomfortable we do have a small room in the back of the sanctuary where kids can be with their parents, in a quieter setting (with age appropriate toys and books).

What is it like to be a first time visitor?  You will more than likely find a warm welcome from the moment you enter the front doors of the sanctuary, but hopefully you won’t feel overwhelmed.  During the worship experience we share a “Passing of God’s Peace” moment and you will find many people coming your way to welcome you and share God’s peace.  This can be a simple handshake and the beginning of getting to know some of the individuals who call CPC their home. Our fellowship time following worship is a good time to enjoy a hot drink, some goodies and get to know CPC folks a little.  The bulletin boards and brochures in Covenant Hall are a good way to begin learning more about the church and its mission.

What about membership at CPC?  We usually hold two “Inquirer/New Member Classes” a year and anyone who is interested in knowing more about Covenant Presbyterian Church, the PCUSA are welcome.  We also take time in those classes to share our own faith journeys as we get to know each other. CPC has a membership of nearly 140 with many people who are active participants with our life, but not yet members.  We are a community of faith who seeks to welcome everyone, regardless of where they are in their journey of faith.