CPC History

Covenant Presbyterian Church was founded in 1963 when a young pastor, Ralph Bolin, was given a choice of pastoring a church in the Santa Rosa area or Napa; he chose Napa.  Pastor Bolin received a list of potential families from the downtown Presbyterian Church (FPC). This list was made up of potential members who were living in the northern parts of Napa who were presently members at FPC.  The neighborhoods in the area were brand new and Ralph went door to door with an invitation to come join the new church forming in the valley.  Their first worshipping space was at Salvador Elementary School and then the Salvador Community Center until the sanctuary was completed.  They were on their way!

Pastors have come and gone over the years, serving this church in wonderful ways.  We have had several interns from SFTS who, in the midst of their seminary training have come to join us for anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to lend their gifts and vision for ministry!  Our musical staff and office personnel have shifted over the years as well, but in each case their gifts were appreciated and gratefully welcomed!

Ten years ago we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with the theme:  “From Prunes to People”,  a reminder of the history of this plot of land that was turned from a prune orchard into a church home.  In 2013 we celebrated turning 50 years old.  Our theme was:  ”EUREKA! We’re 50 ~ How Nifty!” We aren’t interested in a concept of getting old, but rather thinking of the opportunities that come to us in our 5th decade of life – a chance to use our gifts and wisdom more fully, of making decisions based on a broad horizon we have begun to see.  For many the 50’s are a time to take stock of who we are and where we are headed and how our life enables us to reach out and move into new adventures – so with that in mind - we are seeking to grow deep and wide in our faith as Presbyterians here at CPC!

Throughout the year we’ll be remembering and sharing our history in many ways, so stay tuned for more!



Lovingly known as the “little church in the vineyards” Covenant has enjoyed a varied and colorful history.