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Quest for Knowledge

The Covenant Book Group typically meets monthly. Books are varied in genre and style and have included contemporary fiction, non-fiction, and classics. A recent book was “Exit West” by Mohsin Hamid.  “When Nadia and Saeed fall in love in a distant unnamed city, they are just like any other young couple. But soon bullets begin to fly, fighter jets streak the sky, and curfews fall. As the spell of violence spreads, they flee their country, leaving behind their loved ones. Early in Exit West, the author Mohsin Hamid explains that geography is destiny, and in the case of his two young lovers, geography dictates that they must leave. Hamid offers up a fantastical device to deliver his refugees to places: they pass through magic doors. Rather than unmooring the story from reality, this device, as well as a few other fantastical touches, makes the book more poignant and focused, pointing our attention to the emotions of exile rather than the mechanics. Surrounded by other refugees, Nadia and Saeed try to establish their places in the world, putting up different responses to their circumstances. The result is a novel that is personal, not pedantic, an intimate human story about an experience shared by countless people of the world, one that most Americans just witness on television.” –Chris Schluep , The Amazon Book Review

Quest for Knowledge is asking for suggestions from the congreation to add to our reading list. If you have read an interesting, funny or really good book, please email Del Hall or call her with your book title, so it can be added to the list.

All are welcome at each of our gatherings at 7pm in the Parlor.  Each of the books are available through Amazon or our local bookstore, Copperfields.  Please join us, even if you haven’t read any particular book, the more the merrier!  Check the calendar for gathering dates.