Pastoral Ponderings


May the peace and grace of our loving God be known to you this day - in ways that lead you to deep and abiding joy!

As this new year unfolds we have begun looking at Ephiphany stars and “Goal Posters”.  As God reveals God’s presence to us day by day, I am struck with the opportunity we have to partner with God - to allow the days before us to be placed of discovery and wonder…

The Psalmist has written: “O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.  Sing to the Lord, bless God’s name; tell of God’s salvation from day to day.  Dec)lare God’s work among the nations, God’s marvelous works among all the peoples” (Psalm 96:1-3

From a newsletter I receive, I read:

“O Lord, may we bravely listen to the ‘new songs’ of praise in our midst.  May we listen to the songs of the earth, the songs of the nations, the songs of our neighbors as wel see anew your good work among your people.  May we be surprised by new songs of praise in our communities this day”

God is doing a new thing, day by day.  This year at CPC we will have many opportunities to share the new songs we are hearing and to invite others to join in the singing.

Did you know that CPC is almost 50 years old?  We will be taking time this year to celebrate our history and look toward our future as we celebrate this anniversary.  I have begun to ask people who are 50 and older to think about this birthdate of CPC with the “ah-ha’s” you had as you reached that milestone.  I don’t know about you, but to me life opens in new and amazing ways as we hit that mark in our lives…What might this mean for CPC?

We are also one of 12 churches throughout this country who have been asked to participate in a pre-study on Christian marriage, before it goes to the entire PC(USA) Church later this year.  Please consider joining members of the session as we gather for this study and prayerful conversation for six weeks, beginning February 12th.

Our Leadership team of ruling elders and deacons have met for their annual Officer Retreat and are ready to jump into this new year - but, we want you to come alongside as we consider worship and opportunities to grow and expland our lives as God people, individually and as a community.  Check out the bulletin announcements, the newsletter, and website, and begin discovering how God might be inviting you to grow and stretch your faith.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday worship service on February 13th, at 7pm.  Come and begin the journey of reflection as we move toward another season of Easter.

And along the way may you have many moments of discovery and wonder as yo hear and sing new songs of praise!