Beginnings and Blessings

There are dates and times in each of our lives that symbolix new beginnings - January 1st, first day of Spring, birthdays, etc.  For the church, we are centered around our church year:  Advent, the wait and birth ,Lent, the loss and resurrection, and the Ordinary Time in between.  September also plays an important role in new beginnings.  It is Homecoming (September 8)!  A time when church folks come back from theier summer travels and settle, as it is in our case, back into the life and fellowship of Covenant Presbyterian.

Pastoral Ponderings


May the peace and grace of our loving God be known to you this day - in ways that lead you to deep and abiding joy!

As this new year unfolds we have begun looking at Ephiphany stars and “Goal Posters”.  As God reveals God’s presence to us day by day, I am struck with the opportunity we have to partner with God - to allow the days before us to be placed of discovery and wonder…

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