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One of the true gifts of being pastor here at CPC is working in the Pastors Study - no, really, I’m serious.  Whether I’m reading the Bible, working on the computer or talking on the phone, the view from my window is always stunning.  Even if you didn’t believe in God, it would give you pause!  Some days, it looks like a park, on others, a beautiful garden, all created by God’s loving handiwork (with a little help from Bev Penry!).  This morning as I write, it is a gray day, with soft rain falling, and the trees and plants and other vegetation are soaking it up, drops captured on a tree branch, sparkling for a moment or two before falling farther down into the soil.

I’ll admit, as well, that one of the best parts of being a minister is that it’s my job to reflect on such things!  And then, to turn to others and say, “See that?”.  What I’m really saying is, do you see what God has done in this moment?  Those kind of thoughts turn into sermons, or sometimes poetry, or both.  And they can enrich our life experience when we look at the world with eyes of the Spirit.

A couple of years ago, I was driving to my weekly women’s spirituality group in Calistoga.  It was autumn, and the colors were turning in the vineyards, and there was a soft, golden light glowing in the air.  I could sell the pomace so strongly, it was intoxicating.  A feeling of absolute joy washed over me in those moments, followed by deep gratitutde to God for my life, the beauty around me and the love I have and give.  My spiritual director told me that St. Theresa of Avila wrote in the same way about her experiences with God.

Two weeks ago, on a day it was supposed to rain but didn’t, I was driving home from the church, the “back way”, I call it - which means turning left out of the driveway and driving south on Big Ranch Road back into town.  The clouds hung heavy, but not filled with rain, just little ominous or promising, like they couldn’t makeup their minds.  When, in just a moment of time, a hole appeared in the big cloud in front of me, like God had poked her finger through it, and inside the hole was blue sky, but running through it was a rainbow - just part of a rainbow because that’s all I could see through the hole.  It absolutely stunned me.  I wanted to go off-road and follow the sky!

It wasn’t until a few days later that I reflected on that experience, and what it meant.

The rainbow was for you, my beloved CPC friends!  As the search process now begins to move forward in a new way, God offered a rainbow as a sign of hope for what lies ahead, and offers a “new Covenant” to God’s people.

Keep your eyes open and see what the Spirit offers!