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Covenant:  ”In religion, a covenant is a formal alliance or agreement made by God with a religious community or with humanity in general.  It is central to the Abrahamic religions and derived from the biblical covenants, notably the Abrahamic covenant.  Generally, Christians believe that the New Covenant was instituted at the Last Supper as part of the Eucharist, which in the Gospel of John includes the New Commandment.”  - Wikipedia

A while back, I started wondering about our Church’s name, and now that I’ve been here awhile, I see how it really fits (more a out that later).  Lois Pearson, who wrote an historical account of CPC in 2003, looked it up in the dictionary, so I did, too; thus the citation above.  Lois wondered about the name, same as I did, and was told, “because it (Covenant) was an agreement with God.”  She went on to cite a more specific definition as “A solemn contract between members of a church to maintain its faith and discipline.”

When you join as a member of this church, when you become an officer of the church, when you are baptized or married here, you make a covenant - between yourself, the church, and God, and in the case of marriage, your partner.  You make specific promises which you commit to uphold.

I believe these “sacred agreements” extend beyond just the members of this congregation; I believe they are fundamental to the relationships we have with those who lease, rent an occupy our property, and it’s why those who share our space are extensions of our ministry, not simply tenants.  Montessori, the Presbytery, the kitchen artisans, the Teachers Resource Center are all bound to us and God in covenant with one another.

As you read Barb Pahre’s article (elsewhere in The Crier), I hope you will come to realize, as I did, our new garden - Covenant Garden - is indeed another living example of our covenant with Latinos Unidos and Napa Canistry and a mission of CPC as it develops and grows and gives back to our greater community.

CPC continues to live out its name, and its calling through all these vital relationships we hold, and it’s what makes you such a thriving community who continues to see visions and dream dreams and make them a reality.  It’s a church any pastor will be privileged to be a part of…I know I am!